by muhammad anas | Jun 24, 2024

The 12th ASEANAPOL Training Cooperation Meeting (ATCM) was held in Vientiane, Lao PDR, from June 20 to 21, 2024. This significant event saw the representation of Police Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Huu Ngoc, Director for Plans and Programmes (DPP), and Assistant Superintendent of Police Engku Nurul 'Aini Engku Malek, under the supervision of Executive Director David Martinez Vinluan. The meeting gathered 27 foreign representatives from 7 ASEANAPOL member countries (AMCs), including the Cambodian National Police (CNP), Indonesian National Police (INP), Lao Police Force (LPF), Myanmar Police Force (MPF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), Royal Thai Police (RTP), and the Office of Investigation Police Agency, Vietnam (OIPA). Additionally, four Dialogue Partners (DPs)—the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Ministry of Public Security of China, the New Zealand Police (NZP), and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation—were in attendance, along with three Observers (OBs): the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Gulf Cooperation Council Police (GCCPOL), and the Ministry of Interior of Italy. The meeting also saw the participation of 50 police officers from the Lao People’s Police Academy and other Police Departments.
The delegates from AMCs, DPs, and OBs were warmly welcomed by H.E. Police Major General Khamking Phuilamanyvong, Deputy Minister of Public Security, along with the Ministry of Public Security and the LPF. Major General Phuilamanyvong emphasized that this meeting is one of the key sideline events organized by the LPF in 2024. He highlighted the 12th ATCM as a valuable platform for AMCs to exchange experiences, best practices, and collaborative efforts in capacity building and training initiatives. Furthermore, he underscored the importance of strengthening collaborations with DPs and OBs to achieve common goals and maximize the impact of various projects and initiatives, particularly by building strong relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders.
Following the welcome remarks, Police Colonel Oday Thilanda Ph.D., Director General of the People’s Police Academy for Lao PDR, delivered the opening speech. He highlighted the importance of collaboration among police education institutions across AMCs, emphasizing the necessity of joint efforts to bridge gaps in policing capabilities, both academically and operationally. This vision is crucial for improving the effectiveness of regional law enforcement agencies in combating transnational crime and ensuring regional security. Police Colonel Oday Thilanda Ph.D. officially inaugurated the 12th ATCM, paving the way for discussions focused on strengthening regional cooperation, sharing best practices, and enhancing training collaboration among law enforcement agencies within AMCs and with DPs and OBs.
During the meeting, Police Senior Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Huu Ngoc, ASEANAPOL’s Director for Plans and Programmes (DPP), delivered a presentation updating the status of training cooperation for AMCs. Key aspects discussed included Capacity Building and Training (CBTs) Statistics and Calendar for AMCs, factors shaping policing capability building for AMCs, and strategies for developing a comprehensive approach to policing capability training.
The meeting then proceeded with country presentations, where Heads of Delegation from the AMCs briefed on their respective training activities. These presentations covered the identification of obstacles and challenges faced by national law enforcement agencies, prioritized training needs, exchange of good practices and training resources, and proposals and recommendations for better coordination of future training activities. The Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) sent pre-recorded videos showcasing their efforts in coordinating national law enforcement training.
Representatives from the AFP, Ministry of Public Security of China, NZP, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, FBI, GCCPOL, and the Ministry of Interior of Italy also delivered presentations. They outlined their current and future collaboration plans with ASEANAPOL and its member countries, showcasing policing capabilities that could benefit the law enforcement agencies of AMCs. They provided updates on training courses planned for 2024 and 2025, sharing insights and experiences aimed at bolstering the capacity of AMCs in combating transnational organized crime.
In conclusion, the Chairperson thanked all attendees for their valuable input and ideas shared during the meeting. They emphasized the importance of regional and international cooperation in combating transnational crimes and reiterated the significance of the meeting in strengthening relationships between AMCs, DPs, and OBs. The Chairperson expressed optimism that these collaborations would promote capacity-building initiatives and facilitate information exchange across borders. Lastly, the Chairperson wished all participants ongoing success in their respective endeavors and announced that the 13th ASEANAPOL Training Cooperation Meeting will be hosted by the Myanmar Police Force in 2025.
“Together We Keep This Region Safe"