The ASEANAPOL Secretariat acknowledges and appreciates the increasing mandate entrusted by the ASEANAPOL Conference as stipulated in its Joint Communiqué. Further, the Secretariat has an undertaking to leverage ASEANAPOL to a greater standard in dealing with transnational crime. Currently, the Secretariat relies on the financial contribution from ASEANAPOL Member Countries but at times the contribution could not meet the expected demands. To achieve the intended vision of ASEANAPOL, there is a need to enhance initiatives in training and capacity building which requires funds. Taking this matter into consideration, the ASEANAPOL Conference has in principle approved the Secretariat to accept donations and sponsorships by adhering to the following guidelines. 


These Guidelines shall provide the Secretariat with underlying principles and procedures in accepting donations and sponsorships.

3.1. ASEANAPOL Secretariat’s Terms of Reference (TOR) 

Para 1 of Article 6 - Budget and Resources: The Secretariat’s resources shall be provided by:

• Financial contribution from members as agreed in the ASEANAPOL Conference; and

• Gifts, bequests, subsidies, grants and other resources as approved by the ASEANAPOL Conference or by way of circulation to all ASEAN Chiefs of Police for approval by consensus.

3.2. The 5TH ASEANAPOL Executive Committee Report 2014

Para  -  The approval from the Chiefs of Police for accepting sponsorship (gifts, bequests, subsidies, grants and other resources)  by way of circulation and taking into consideration on the formulation of guidelines on sponsorship (Amendment to Article 6). The Secretariat will necessarily formulate guidelines to facilitate the decision-making process for accepting sponsorship.


4.1. Donation
Donation shall include all subsidies, grants, gifts and bequests, monetary or in kind, received by ASEANAPOL.

4.1.1. Subsidy
A form of financial or in kind support in the attainment of the goals and objectives of ASEANAPOL.

4.1.2. Grant
A sum of money given by a government or other organisations for a particular purpose.

4.1.3. Gift
Refers to a thing or a right disposed of gratuitously, or any act of liberality, in favour of ASEANAPOL. 

4.1.4. Bequest
A property given by will to ASEANAPOL.

4.2. Sponsorship
A sponsorship may be in the form of cash offering, property, services or any other benefit given with the expectation of recognition or affiliation with ASEANAPOL. 


5.1. The Secretariat shall only accept donations and sponsorships from legal, legitimate and reputable sources. 

5.2. The donations and sponsorships shall be for intended purposes in consonance with the objectives and functions of the ASEANAPOL and shall not be subject to virement.

5.3. The donations and sponsorships shall not be from individuals or companies which have existing tenders with the Secretariat.

5.4. No Directors or administrative and technical staff shall gain any personal benefit connected with the donations and sponsorships.

5.5. The benefits between the donors/sponsors and the Secretariat shall be executed in a written agreement and signed by both parties. The Executive Director and any one of the Directors shall sign on behalf of the Secretariat.

5.6. All cash and assets received by the ASEANAPOL Secretariat shall be recorded in the Secretariat’s account and inventory respectively and shall be audited by the Secretariat’s auditor.

5.7. The Secretariat shall ensure that the donations and sponsorships are free from tax liens, mortgage, encumbrances and other obligations.

5.8. The Secretariat shall cease the existing relations, with donors/sponsors who do not share or adhere to the basic values and principles of ASEANAPOL. 


6.1. The individuals, companies, organisation or countries may offer donations and sponsorships.

6.2. The Secretariat shall then make the necessary inquiries on the integrity and reputation of the donors and sponsors.
6.3. Before acceptance or consideration taken, the Secretariat shall obtain prior approval of the ASEANAPOL Conference or consensus of all ASEANAPOL Chiefs of Police by way of circulation.

6.4. When approval is obtained or otherwise, the Secretariat shall inform the donors/sponsors in writing.

6.5. Upon approval, the Secretariat and the qualified donors or sponsors shall enter into an agreement. The agreement shall contain the proposed use of donation and the conditions placed on its use, statement authorizing the ASEANAPOL to use the gifts, bequests, subsidies, grants, donations and sponsorships.

6.6. The written agreement shall be disseminated to all ASEANAPOL Chiefs of Police and to be reported to the Executive Committee of the ASEANAPOL Conference. 


The Guidelines shall be approved through consensus by all ASEANAPOL Chiefs of Police by way of circulation or at the ASEANAPOL Conference and shall thereafter come into immediate effect. 


Any Member Countries through the ASEANAPOL Secretariat or the Secretariat itself may propose amendment to the guidelines. The amendment shall be approved through consensus by all ASEANAPOL Chiefs of Police by way of circulation or at the ASEANAPOL Conference and shall thereafter come into immediate effect.