Visit by France Regional Police Attaché to ASEANAPOL Secretariat

by muhammad anas | Nov 30, 2022

The Regional France Police Attaché cum the Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Region, Mr. Sylvain Joly has paid a courtesy visit to the ASEANAPOL Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur on 22 November 2022 and were generously welcomed by the Pol. Brig. Gen. Zaw Lin Tun, the Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Supt. Azrul Hisham Mohd Shaffei and fellow officers.

The courtesy call served as an introductory meeting between the organization on future engagement within France Ministry of Interior (FMI) and the ASEANAPOL in the areas of mutual interest such as Capacity Building Training besides establishing better working relationships to strengthening cooperation among law enforcement personnel in ASEAN region since accorded the title of Observers to ASEANAPOL in the year 2019.  

FMI through Mr. Sylvain Joly expressed his utmost appreciation to the ASEANAPOL Secretariat and the ASEANAPOL Member Countries (AMCs) for the unwavering support and active participation rendered during the Environmental Crime Seminar which was recently concluded on 20th October this year in Bangkok, Thailand. Recognizing that the growth of transnational crime caused by the explosion in computer and telecommunication technology, FMI again interested in contributing other segment of initiatives focusing on Document Fraud and Cyber Crime issues for the year 2023 which dedicated for participation of all AMCs.  

Acknowledged that capacity building aspect as one of the systematic approaches of knowledge and skills development to implement change and improve the skills and performance of an organization, the Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat then expressed his gratitude to FMI for their constant effort and readiness in laying out such proposal which concerning and related with the crime trend nowadays. Considering the number of cyber - related crimes recorded as a worrying trend in certain ASEAN countries, deepening levels of international cooperation and expertise are paramount on offering and coordinating international training opportunities amongst the stakeholders involved across the world. As an additional towards the discussion, Pol. Brig. Gen. Zaw Lin Tun then accentuate on the upcoming ASEANAPOL Training Cooperation Meeting (ATCM) which will be hosted in Kingdom of Cambodia in near future will be the foremost platform in the effort of realization the above desire.

The visit was very gracious whilst both organizations anticipating for a better and brighter working relationship in the areas of common interest in the days ahead.