by muhammad anas | Oct 27, 2022

The 90th Interpol General Assembly (IGA) was held in New Delhi, India from 18-21 October 2022 with the Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi emphasized his address during the inauguration that “Police and Law Enforcement Agencies need to devise procedures to increase global cooperation, and INTERPOL is playing an important role managing criminal syndicates in Counter Transnational Organizes Crime.”

In his remark, he raised the issue to identify where INTERPOL can integrate technological advancements to turn potential future threats into operational opportunities. There are many harmful globalized threats that the world faces: terrorism, corruption, drug trafficking, poaching, organized crime and many others.

To complete the inauguration remarks of the Prime Minister, the INTERPOL President, Mr. Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi from the UAE, raised that as the world’s largest policing organization, it is the job of INTERPOL to make sure that all countries are supported. Partnership and information sharing will help to better tackle and prevent crimes.

Facing the  unprecedented complexity in the criminal threat landscape, Ministers, Chiefs of Police and Senior Law Enforcement officials discussed on how to strengthen INTERPOL’s global solutions to support national and regional securities. ASEANAPOL which was headed by the Executive Director, Police Brigadier General Zaw Lin TUN attended this event together with regional police association, such as; AIMC, AFRIPOL, AMERIPOL, AFRIPOL and other member entites of the INTERPOL.

The 90th IGA has elected Mr Peter De Buysscher from Belgium for the post of Vice-President for Europe (for 3 years’ term), Mr Alaa El Din Mohamed Abdalah Ragab from Egypt for the First Post of Delegate of Africa (for 3 years’ term) and Mrs Anne-Marie Nainda from Namibia for the Second Post of Delegate for Africa (for 3 years’ term).

While attending the 90th IGA, ASEANAPOL Secretariat took the opportunity to have a bilateral meeting with the Ivory Coast Delegate, headed by Mr Kouyate Youssouf, Administrateur General, de Police of Directeur General De La Police Nationale. ASEANAPOL Secretariat also had a meeting with ASIAN Sport Council Delegation headed by Mr Sunil Kumar, Secretary of Asian Police Sport Council.

On the closing session, President INTERPOL had reminded attendees from the 166 countries of INTERPOL Member states which consist of 700 participants to unite in INTERPOL’s visions which are; (1) Enhancing the database, (2) Strengthening capacity-building efforts, and (3) Building stronger relationships with member states. The last agenda was the handing over of the INTERPOL flag from India to Austria Delegates, as the host for the 91st INTERPOL General Assembly that is schedule in Vienna 2023.