3rd ASEANAPOL Contact Persons Quarterly Discussion (ACPQD) via Virtual Conferencing.

by muhammad anas | Sep 29, 2022

The ASEANAPOL Contact Persons Quarterly Discussion (ACPQD) is a quarterly meeting hosted by the ASEANAPOL Secretariat (AS) which serves as a platform for ASEANAPOL Contact Persons to present updates on the progress of all resolutions adopted from the previous ASEANAPOL Conference and to further discuss related matters and outstanding issues, which are correlated to the development of ASEANAPOL. 

The 3rd ACPQD 2022 was held via video conferencing convened by the Executive Director (ED) of ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Pol. Brig. Gen. Zaw Lin Tun Chairman of the meeting and were attended by all designated Contact Persons of the respective ASEANAPOL Member Countries (AMCs). 

The meeting commenced with the welcoming address by the Chairman as he expressed his appreciation, gratitude and warm welcome to all delegates of the virtual 3rd ACPQD 2022 for their presence and full support to the ASEANAPOL Secretariat.   

During the meeting, the Director for Plans and Programmes, Supt Tang Yik Tung had delivered a presentation and discussion on the main topics on the proposal to upgrade and rename HATS to DATS and the Budget Proposal for Financial Year 2023. Other outstanding matters which require the consensus of all ASEAN Chiefs of Police with AMCs delegates were also discussed namely; training calendar and sideline meetings to be hosted by the CNP, as well as proposal to revised the Guideline for accepting DPs and OBs, the concept paper on Informal LO Meeting who are based in Kuala Lumpur and MoU with Rashtriya Raksha University. The meeting ended with fruitful discussion and several suggestion/proposals has been discussed in conjunction to the upcoming 41st ASEANAPOL Conference which is scheduled in September 2023 in LAOS.