by Suhasini Gunasagaran | Feb 26, 2021

ASEANAPOL Virtual Dialogue on The Issues of Tackling Trafficking In Persons was organized and hosted by ASEANAPOL Secretariat from 25th to 26th February 2021. The two days dialogue were attended by 10 ASEANAPOL Member Countries and showcased the active participation on various presentation delivered by invited speakers from our Dialogue Partners and Observers as well as AMCs sharing on Post Covid-19 Strategy Against Trafficking in Persons.
The dialogue commenced with and opening speech by The Honorable Police Major General Do Van Hoanh, Director General of The Office of Investigation Police Agency, Ministry Of Public Security, Socialist Republic Of Viet Nam (OIPA), cum the current Chairman of ASEANAPOL followed by the Delivery Note from the ASEANAPOL Secretariat’s Executive Director (ED) Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police (DAC) Jim Wee. In his introductory speech, Police Major General Do Van Hoanh shared about current trafficking in person crime in the context of the Covid-19 and also hopes that for the delegates to discuss and share practical experiences and information to support the prevention and fight against trafficking in persons in the near future.

Thanking on the speech by the current chairman of the ASEANAPOL , the Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat delivered his opening speech emphasizing Secretariat roles during the Covid-19 Pandemic situation and initiating a concept note as regards to the issues of Tackling Trafficking In Persons which would be further discussed in the dialogue and hope the sharing and discussion during 2 days dialogue can further provide AMCs opportunities to work and collaborate together to fight against the transnational Organized crime syndicates in this region.

The Secretariat also invited AMCs to share presentation on Post Covid-19 Strategy Against Trafficking In Persons as well as Presentations from guest speakers. On the second day it was a meeting discussed on the 39th Joint Communique’s resolutions which was moderated by DPS, formulating relevant resolutions for upcoming 40th ASEANAPOL Conference, Summarizing for approval by DPP and the meeting was ended with the closing note by Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat.