by muhammad anas | Jun 29, 2020

The Italian Ambassador to Malaysia, His Excellency Mr. Cristiano Maggipinto accompanied by his Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Pietro Tombaccini, made their visit to the ASEANAPOL Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur on 24th June 2020 and were generously welcomed by the Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jim Wee, Director for Police Services, Police Senior Superintendent Joni Getamala, Director for Plans and Programmes, Superintendent Tang Yik Tung and fellow officers.

The visit was highlighted by a brief presentation of each other’s organizational mandate and how it could help and assist each other’s goals, objectives and possibly synchronize efforts in the pursuance of respective entities / bodies and was followed by a discussion on area of potential cooperation such as terrorism, syndicated - organized crimes and capacity building initiatives. Prior to the Public Security Department of Italian Ministry of the Interior application to be an observer with ASEANAPOL, His Excellency Cristiano Maggipinto reiterated that they were already cooperating with a few ASEANAPOL Member Countries such as Royal Malaysia Police and will take this golden opportunity through the ASEANAPOL Secretariat platform to work more closely and will come up with preliminary written agreement for outlining the framework and capacity building initiatives which will benefit of all ASEANAPOL Member Countries. On behalf of Secretariat, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jim Wee has sought the keenness from the perspective to retain the skills and knowledge for the sake of ASEANAPOL Member Countries as to keep the Southeast ASEAN region safe. His Excellency Mr. Cristiano Maggipinto in addition further shared that the Public Security Department of Italian Ministry of the Interior will be organizing the Environmental Protection in Peach Operations Training Course which will be held in Vicenza, Italy on November 2020. He hopes that this initiative will inspire the ASEANAPOL Member Countries to participate.  


The visit was indeed fruitful in harmonising the future collaboration between both parties and looking forward for a brighter working relationship in the days to come.