by Suhasini Gunasagaran | Feb 05, 2020

On 5 December 2019, the Director of Police Services, DAC Jim Wee together with Plans and Programmes Officer II, ASP Johnathan Putra had a meeting with the INTERPOL Information System and Technology Directorate held at the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI), Singapore. In attendance at the meeting were Mr. Thierry Rey, Mr. Dominic Suc and Mr. Wong Wee Ming from the INTERPOL Information System & Technology Directorate and also Dr. Madan Oberoi, the Executive Director of Technology and Innovation of IGCI.

This meeting was the following from the discussion with INTERPOL Secretary General Jurgen Stock on e-ADS 2.0 development, in particular to the business continuity of the e-ADS 2.0 backup.  MR Thierry Rey and Mr Dominic Suc were in the region for other meetings and thus timely to organise ASEANAPOL Secretariat meet up in IGCI.

At the meeting, both INTERPOL and Secretariat reiterated support to each other in the e-ADS 2.0 development.  DAC Jim Wee expressed his gratitude for INTERPOL’s support in realizing the migration of e-ADS from Singapore to the Secretariat and briefly updated on the development plans for 2019 which primarily focuses on the communication channel among the member countries. ie. The email communication platform which is expected to be in operation by Jan 2020. 

The meeting went on to discuss about the business continuity proposal for the e-ADS 2.0 backup from INTERPOL, DAC Jim Wee shared that the business continuity proposal is good for contingency but added that Secretariat will further await the full proposal from INTERPOL Information System & Technology Directorate and thereafter circulate to update all member countries before further discussion on the implementation should all member countries are agreeable.

Also discussed in the meeting from INTERPOL was on the existing INTERPOL databases which INTERPOL look forward to compliment in the e-ADS 2.0 development.  DAC Jim Wee shared that the suggestion is also part of the review in the e-ADS 2.0 development and will take note when developing with the appointed vendor.  He added that the preliminary plan will be focusing on drug trafficking, cybercrime and terrorism databases which have been the current trending interest shown by member countries. 

The meeting concluded with Mr Wong Wee Ming being appointed as the main person of contact for the secretariat in the e-ADS 2.0 development.  INTERPOL also shared its commitment to fund and support Secretariat’s e-ADS 2.0 where possible.  For a start, INTERPOL proposed sharing their translation/multi-lingual features to be integrated into the e-ADS 2.0.

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