by Suhasini Gunasagaran | Jan 21, 2020

On 20 Nov 2019, Executive Director Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack and Director for Police Services DAC Jim Wee, made a working visit to Cambodia National Police, on their invitation, for a discussion on the preparation for the coming 40th ASEANAPOL Conference.

The delegates were recived by Commissioner General Neth Savoeun and his staff at the Cambodia Police Headquaters.  With a quick introduction, the meeting moved on with Commission General Neth Savoeun sharing his aim for the 40th ASEANAPOL Conference and his expectation in the preparation.  ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Executive Director Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack provided his views for the prepartion needed by Cambodia National Police and reiterated that the Secretariat will be readily to support the hosting country in its preparation.

Overall meeting was fruitful for the Cambodia National Police and they will be working on the proposed date, themes, agendas and logistical preparation, which will be circulated for member countries’ feedback.  It was further concluded that the 40th ASEANAPOL Conference for 2020 will be during the last week of July 2020 (exact date to be confirmed) and in conjuction with the 40th conference, there will also be a Security Exhibitions to show case on policing development for all.  The reason for the early conference was due to other major events that will be happening that requires Cambodia National Police’s management towards the third quarter of 2020.  More details on the programs for 40th ASEANAPOL Conference will be announce in January 2020.

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