by muhammad anas | Nov 26, 2018

The Executive Director, Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack, together with Director for Police Services Supt Jim Wee and DSP Police Services Hoo Chang Hook, attended the 87th INTERPOL General Assembly held in Dubai UAE from 18 to 21 November 2018.

This year theme was “Policing in the information age” and the conference provided member countries the opportunities of glimpse on the latest development which INTERPOL is embarking and harnessing on, such as the Artificial Intelligence capability development.

INTERPOL also reiterated their commitment in assisting member countries identifying their current policing needs and the necessary tools to cooperate effectively at the regional and global levels. It also shared on INTERPOL 2020 blueprint on operational service delivery and the action plans that are put into various programmes such as Capabilities for Operational Relevance (I-CORE) initiative.

The conference provided another insight prospective for ASEANAPOL Secretariat to look into areas of collaboration with INTERPOL in the coming years. Executive Director, Col Kenechanh Phommachack, also met with Secretary General Jurgen Stock, to convey appreciation on behalf of ASEANAPOL and the Secretariat for INTERPOL’s support to the Secretariat taking over the management of e-ADS 2.0 and the migration of the system from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, with their donation of EURO 23,000. Both INTERPOL and ASEANAPOL Secretariat look forward to the long term collaboration in fight against crime and keeping the world safe.

During the conference, Executive Director, Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack, also met with Director of Gulf Cooperation Council Police (GCCPOL) and his delegation, whereby Director GCCPOL discussed on opportunities for closer collaboration with ASEANAPOL in fight against certain crime areas. The Director GCCPOL further added that they target to achieved the collaboration work within the first quarter of 2019. Executive Director Colonel Kenechanh welcome the proposal and requested Director GCCPOL to forward GCCPOL’s proposal on the specific area of crimes so that coordination work can be initiated early.

The Executive Director, Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack also met with Commander General of AMERIPOL, Gerardo Jose Otero, whereby the Commander General AMERIPOL expressed their keen interest to join ASEANAPOL as the Observer with the objectives of having closer collaboration to fight against crimes. Executive Director, Colonel Kenechanh welcomes the AMERIPOL’S intention and invited them to write in based on the guidelines listed in the ASEANAPOL website so that ASEANAPOL Secretariat can forward the request to member countries for consensus.

Separately to the conference, Director for Police Services, Supt. Jim Wee also met with INTERPOL Information systems and Technology Directorate, Mr. Dominic Suc, to discuss on the collaboration of INTERPOL in supporting the migration of e-ADS 2.0. Mr. Dominic reiterated INTERPOL SG’s commitment to the sponsor of EURO 23,000 and indicated that he will assigned his staff to work closely with ASEANAPOL Secretariat on the migration.

The Secretariat also met with other INTERPOL Member Countries, including our own ASEANAPOL Member Countries. With the conclusion of the conference, the Secretariat look forwards to synchronize its work plan for ASEANAPOL Member Countries together with INTERPOL’s 2020 blueprint so as to keep the region safe.

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