A working visit from delegates from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of China

by muhammad anas | May 07, 2018

On 3 May 2018, the ASEANAPOL Secretariat received a working visit from delegates from the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) of China led by Guoli Jiang, the Deputy Director General of Criminal Investigation Department of MPS and his two officers. They were warmly welcomed by the Executive Director (ED) of ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack, Directors and staffs.

Soon after the ED gave his welcoming remarks, Guoli Jiang expressed that MPS of China regards ASEANAPOL a crucial counterpart in the region to combat transnational crime. He then conveyed his presentation on “Organised Transnational Telecom Fraudulent Crimes” which had clocked 610,000 cases filed in 2016 and incur RMB 17 billion loss in China itself. 

In his presentation, Guoli shared the current crime situation and trends; modus operandi of the crime; their success stories in Europe and ASEAN; problem and difficulties faced by the operation team; and later their proposal for further collaboration.

After much discussion between the MPS delegates and ASEANAPOL Secretariat, both parties agreed to the need for collaboration to fight against such transnational crime in order to keep both region safe. The MPS of China will submit their proposal of “Joint Operation and Mutual Legal Assistance in Combating Organised Transnational Telecom and Internet Fraudulent Crimes” to the secretariat for detailed discussion.

Lastly, the MPS delegate extended their invites to ED to visit MPS anytime soon.

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