Visit by Chief Superintendent General Park Jin-Woo from Korean National Police University on 6 February 2018 to ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Kuala Lumpur

by Muhammad Faris | Feb 12, 2018

On 6 January 2018, ASEANAPOL Secretariat received a visit from Chief Superintendent General Park Jin-Woo and officers from the Korean National Police University (KNPU).  They were welcomed by the Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack, Director for Police Services Superintendent Jim Wee and Staff.  This was a courtesy visit and an   introductory meeting between both sides since the new Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat took effect as of 1st January 2018.

The Executive Director took this opportunity to thank Korean National Police who as a Dialogue Partner had played an active role in organising seminars and capacity building programmes. On the visit, the Secretariat discussed the role and experiences of the ASEANAPOL as a joint cooperative mechanism for the ASEAN Member Countries.

At the same time, Chief Superintendent General Park Jin-Woo expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome provided by ASEANAPOL Secretariat. He explained that his current Presidency is focused mainly on South East Asia region activities besides the other regions as well. Korean National Police have taken the same initiative as the government policy to increase mutual cooperation and ensure the enhancement of the capacity building programmes jointly with countries in this region. He also mentioned that Korean had organised two general assembly meetings last year that were much recognised and awarded by International Organisations. Furthermore, he explained that the main focus is to increase the friendship and networking in the early stages between the police among the countries in South East Asia region. One such successful move was through the Police Academy Student Festival in Asia (PASCA) which had established team building activities amongst the participants from various countries in the Asia region. At the end of the session, he looks forward to more collaboration between Korean National Police University (KNPU) and ASEANAPOL Secretariat.

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