Working Visit by Malaysia Marine Police Force on 26th January 2018 to the ASEANAPOL Secretariat

by muhammad anas | Jan 26, 2018

The ASEANAPOL Secretariat received a working visit by SAC Dato’ Abdul Rahim bin Abdullah, Malaysia Marine Police Force and his entourage. They were warmly welcomed by Executive Director, Police Colonel Kenechanch Phommachack, Director for Plans and Programmes, ACP Aidah Othman,  Director for Police Services, Supt. Jim WEE and officers of the Secretariat.

During the meeting, Malaysia Marine Police Force (MMPF) shared on their first Trilateral cooperation among MMPF, Singapore Police Coast Guard (SPCG) - Indonesia Marine Police (IMP) towards the maritime security along the South Malacca Straits. The meeting had been fruitful and both parties have agreed on the importance of having mutual collaboration and cooperation amongst members country and future capacity building needs. ASEANAPOL Secretariat also encouraged the sharing of this successful project via e-ADS.          

Executive Director further expressed his sincere thanks for the cooperation and continued support given by Malaysia Marine Police Force.  

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