Farewell and Welcome Dinner of Jakarta Centre of Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) Executive Director, 24 August 2017.

by muhammad anas | Sep 20, 2017

On 24 August 2017, the Executive Director of ASEANAPOL Secretariat, Pol. Insp. General Yohanes Agus Mulyono attended the Farewell and Welcome Dinner of the JCLEC Executive Director which was held at the Centre. At the event, Pol. Brigadier General Mohammad Safei had handed over the post to Pol. Sr. Supt. Puji Sarwono.

After the event, General Agus had a side meeting with the new Executive Director of JCLEC, Pol. Sr. Supt. Puji Sarwono together with JCLEC Executive Director Programs, Pol. Supt. James Stokes. During the meeting, JCLEC reiterate that they will continue to support ASEANAPOL Capacity Building programme on the topic of Human Trafficking (Trafficking in Person) as continuation of the training “Prevention and Investigation on Human Trafficking Course” which was organised jointly between the Secretariat and JCLEC in September 2016. JCLEC also would like to explore more training possibilities to meet the needs of training in ASEANAPOL core areas of focus.

Pol. Insp. General Yohanes Agus Mulyono then invited both of the JCLEC Directors to come and visit the Secretariat’s Office to explore and discuss further on possible training collaboration between ASEANAPOL and JCLEC.


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