by muhammad anas | Nov 02, 2021

The INTERPOL 5th edition of ‘The Dialogue – an Effective Multilateral Policing Architecture against Global Threats’ saw the participation of ASEANAPOL Secretariat (AS) for the 3rd times and had marked additional avenue for ASEANAPOL to forge a framework to collectively synchronize of strategies by further enhancing multilateral consultations, exchanging best practices in regards to strategic planning and information sharing on each stakeholder’s strategic priorities drawing from the rich and vast resources afforded by INTERPOL.

At the 5th Edition dialogue which was held in Tunis, Republic of Tunisia from 27 - 28 October 2021, hosted by the Arab Interior Minister’s Council (AIMC), the ASEANAPOL Secretariat Executive Director Jim Wee together with Police Services Staff Officer ASP Khairul attended the said event.  In the event, participation organizations observed in physical attendance were GCCPOL. AFRIPOL, AMERIPOL, UNODC, FRONTEX and virtual attendance were EUROPOL and RATS-SCO.

The two days meeting kicked started with welcome speech and remarks by AIMC Secretary General, Mr Dr Mohammed Ben Ali Koman and INTERPOL Secretary General Mr Jurgen Stock respectively.  The overall event was eventually moderated by INTERPOL’s Acting Executive Director of Partnerships, Development and Planning, Mr. Dirk Allaerts.  The meeting went on with various presentations both from the INTERPOL and respective organisations present.  INTERPOL presented the sharing from the various working group report and the recommendations.  Organisations present presented their strategic and operational overview focusing towards combating of cyber-crime.  It was observed during these presentation, all organisation’s objectives are similar in nature especially in the way forward for post COVID-19 era.  ASEANAPOL Secretariat also shared on our ASEANAPOL Electronic Database System (eADS) future development plans and indicated to look at opportunities of collaboration with other organisation, starting with INTERPOL 18 databases.

At the closing of the meeting, all organisation agreed to continue working closely with each other and supported on INTERPOL’s proposed joint communique of having a Guided Policing Standard relating to the Multilateral Policing Architecture in fight against the Global Threats.

The meeting at Tunis hosted by AIMC had been a fruitful trip to the Secretariat as it had further established stronger relationship with respective organisations from GCCPOL, AMERIPOL, AFRIPOL, INTERPOL and AIMC.  Secretariat looks forward to proposed establishment of relationship with AMERIPOL, AFRIPOL and AIMC as it sees the benefits and needs for establishment of the collaboration with these organisations in view of the global threats.