by Suhasini Gunasagaran | Jan 20, 2020

The 39th ASEANAPOL Conference with the theme “Honoured By Partnerships, Sustained By Unity” was held in Ha Noi, Viet Nam from 17 September to 19 September 2019. The objectives of the Conference were to honour and strengthen the long-term partnerships amongst ASEANAPOL Member Countries and their Dialogue Partners, Observers and other relevant entities to fight crimes, to maintain peace and order, hence promoting sustainable security and economic growth of the region, and to further synergize commitment towards a safer region. H.E. To Lam, Minister of Public Security of Viet Nam, in his speech reiterated that ASEAN being a dynamic region has quickly become an attractive region with great and very promising future, thus experiencing vast investment opportunities from around the globe, especially the advanced countries. Simultaneously, ASEAN Member Countries are facing many challenges with regard to the security and safety either domestically or regionally. As such, transnational crime has become a commonplace, which in turn calls for the total commitment by regional entities and national law enforcement agencies, such as ASEANAPOL. The Delegations attending the Conference expressed their sincere appreciation to the Ministry of Public Security of Viet Nam for their warm hospitality and excellent organisation, which has immensely contributed to the success of the 39th ASEANAPOL Conference.

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