Working visit from Ambassador of Kosovo to ASEANAPOL Secretariat

by muhammad anas | Nov 05, 2018

On 22 October 2018, this office received a working visit from Ambassador of Kosovo to Japan, Mr. Leon Malazogu accompanied by Ambassador Ilir Dugolli, Director - Department on NATO and Security Policies, Colonel Riza Shillova, Assistant General Director for Investigation, Kosovo Police and Enis Xhemaili, Deputy Chief of Mission Kosovo Embassy in Tokyo. The visit was attended by all Secretariat’s Directors and senior officer.

During the meeting, the visitors explained the background of their newly born country and how criminal activity imposing threat to their civilisation and global security. Being a country surrounded by land borders, Kosovo often become the transit for transnational criminal activities. Since Kosovo are yet to be a member of Interpol, it is hard to share and gain information with/from the global policing community. Thus, as transnational crime is getting sophisticated and complex, international cooperation and information sharing becomes crucial and Kosovo realize the needs to be a member of Interpol. Hence, they are applying for Interpol membership in this year Interpol General Assembly and seeking the support from ASEANAPOL Member Countries.

At the meeting also, the visitors expressed their interest in becoming an Observer with ASEANAPOL. As one of a country which its economic growth rely much on Information Technology industry, Kosovo offers their expertise on Forensic Science. As such, later the visitors were advised to submit their intention letter to explore the possibilities of Police-to-Police Cooperation.


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