by Muhammad Faris | Apr 05, 2018

On 4 Apr 2018, a delegate of officers from the Interpol Capacity Building and Training Directorates, based in Interpol Global Complex of Innovation (IGCI), made a courtesy call to the ASEANAPOL Secretariat office.  Executive Director, Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack together with the staff warmly recieved the delegate that comprises of: 

                a.            Mr Juan Castellaz-Faico, Project Manager;

                b.            Mr David Keane, Principal Assistant; and

                c.            Ms Kim Legg, Senior Fingerprint Examiner. 

2             During the meeting the delegate from Interpol Capacity Building and Training Directorates shared briefly on their respective roles and functions which mainly focus on capacity building, databases collection and operational activities that are on project basis.  The delegate had also shared that they had understood through their visiting around the region that there was a keen interest in the forensic development as such they offered their assistance in helping ASEANAPOL Forensic Science Network (APFSN) committee in their development on area such as the Disaster Victim Indentification (DVI) and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).  Executive Director, Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack extended the appreciation for the support from Interpol delegate and he hopes for the success on this cooperation in the future to come.

3             Among the discussion, the Interpol delegate had also shared on the various databases that Interpol has and their capabilities.  They also shared on success stories from the use of the databases by few countries.  However, they expressed that they are in the midst to encourage more countries’s usage and participation to the use of the Interpol databases facilities, in particular from the Asia region.   Director of Police Services expressed his view that the Interpol databases are indeed a useful tools that could help benefit to countries, especially in today’s security climate to fight against the transnational crimes.  He further shared that ASEANAPOL Secretariat office will help to share the message to member countries and encourage them to tap on Interpol’s databases facilities. 

4             The meeting concluded with Interpol delegate promising to give their support to APFSN committee in their Forensic DVI and CSI development.  The delegate also agreed to work more closely with ASEANAPOL and the Secretariat on how they can assist and provide the capacity building and training devleopment to ASEANAPOL member countries. 

5             Executive Director, Police Colonel Kenechanh Phommachack, presented token of appreciation to the Interpol delegate at the end of the visit. 



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